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Challenge #109 Voting

In the last two days I've learned two things. One, strawberry banana sobes are kinda yucky. Two, everything in life is starting to remind me of a fanfic I've read. My mom has the chicken pox and it reminded me of a fic I read on ages ago. Jack has the chicken pox and Carter looks after him and of course ends up catching them herself. Thankfully it looks like I won't be getting them again. Once was enough for me.

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jack on moon

Challenge #109

Well so much for sticking to my schedule. *sigh* Time for a challenge with pretty people. In trying to come up with this weeks challenge, I kept coming to McKay. Only problem is I've done a couple McKay related challenges. So after much thought (and some ice cream) I went with another Atlantis character. Time to icon John Sheppard and Sam Carter.

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I'm tallying the votes from #108 right now, so winners sill be posted shortly.