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Challenge #109

Well so much for sticking to my schedule. *sigh* Time for a challenge with pretty people. In trying to come up with this weeks challenge, I kept coming to McKay. Only problem is I've done a couple McKay related challenges. So after much thought (and some ice cream) I went with another Atlantis character. Time to icon John Sheppard and Sam Carter.

1. You may enter up to 5 icons.
2. You may use a cap more than once.
3. Icons must meet the standard LJ requirements of 100x100 and 40kb.
4. Icons must be made specifically for this challenge.
5. Do not post the icons you made for this challenge until the challenge is over and the winners are announced.
6. Submit your icons as a comment to this entry, all comments are screened.
7. The challenge ends on Sunday May 23rd.

I'm tallying the votes from #108 right now, so winners sill be posted shortly.
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