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Challenge #113

Welcome back guys!

First things first. Promoting the comm. Since I took a break I think promotion would be a good idea so I've come up with something fun. Well, maybe fun. If you promote this comm, you can recieve 5 icons from yours truly. Obviously you don't have to choose to get icons but I thought it'd be a nice way to thank you for promoting carter_stills. The subject is up to you but it has to be something I've got some interest in. If I've never seen it my muse rarely cooperates. This means that no it doesn't have to be Carter related.

Now on to the challenge. I wanted to come up with something I've never even come close to doing before and could only think of one thing. The 10th Anniversary Party. Everyone was there, RDA plus BB and CB.

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Banners for Challenges #111 & #112

I am alive and no I haven't abandoned this comm. I should, hopefully, be getting back to posting regularly next week. Look for Challenge #113 to appear on Monday but for now here are the banners from the two previous challenges.

Challenge #111 - Girly!Carter - jasminago (x5), luminosum
Challenge #112 - Tesxtures - justdreaming88, jasminago (x2), taikowinds (x2), rightxhere, tigerlilybrown
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Unplanned Haitus

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus guys. July turned out to be a rather busy month for me. Between work and then going to The Sanctuary Experience, I didn't have a lot of time for this comm. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned it and the winners from the last challenge will be posted, along with a new challenge, very shortly.
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Challenge #112 Voting

I know I haven't posted winners from the last challenge yet but I've been really lazy lately. I've been negelecting all thing internet related since my birthday and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, at least on a part time basis. Can't spend all my time watching TV on DVD can I? :p

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Challenge #112

Hi everyone! Ready for the next challenge? You must use at least one of the textures provided on your icons.. That's what this week's theme, I guess you could call it, will be. Textures. I know not everyone feels comfortable with them or maybe some of you haven't even used them before but trying new things is always good. If your a newbie to textures, there's a great guide here. I believe it's written for PS but should be translatable. The pictures that you use are up to you. If anyone knows of any other texture guides/tutorials please let me know so I can list them here. Well, I guess that's it. Have fun, go icon crazy. If you have any questions ask away. :)

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